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MC-616—The MC-616, with its dual 6½-inch aluminum cone woofers and 1-inch aluminum dome swivel tweeter, has high power handling capacity and features quick transient response for high definition in low bass frequencies. Because of its D½Appolito (woofer/tweeter/woofer) design, it can be used for all channels of a complete home theater system.

MC-6—The MC-6 is the original 6½-inch aluminum cone in-wall speaker. The use of a 6½-inch aluminum cone woofer allows this speaker to have incredible bass response, while the 1-inch aluminum dome tweeter complements the woofer with tonal accuracy. The MC-6 in-wall speaker allows the listener to experience sound as it was meant to be heard, without colorations or distortion.

MC-4C—The MC-4C, with its 4-inch aluminum cone woofer and 1-inch aluminum dome tweeter, delivers satisfying sound regardless of its smaller size. The MC-4C makes a perfect surround channel speaker in a home theater system. It also makes a fantastic mini-subwoofer/satellite system when used with an MC Series subwoofer. The MC-4C features built-in threaded inserts on the back of the speaker for easy mounting with a speaker bracket (available separately). Available in black only.

MC-553—The MC-553 features three 5¼-inch aluminum cone woofers and dual 1-inch aluminum dome tweeters for pristine sound quality and outstanding performance. Developed for high-end home theaters or multi-channel media rooms, the MC-553 has the unique ability to perform double-duty as both a center-channel speaker and as a main front left or right speaker for a surround sound system. The lower woofer and tweeter can be configured to perform the duty of the center channel, thereby eliminating the need for a separate dedicated center channel!