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SV-1212NR—The SV-1212NR combines style with brute strength and precision. Dual 12-inch reference aluminum cone subwoofers and a down-firing vent work in unison to give the SV-1212NR an awesome performance boost, leaving the competitionís subwoofers wishing they had more to give. The SV-1212NR is also designed to support the SV-831 monitor speakers for a world-class, audiophile-grade modular speaker system intended for larger, high-end home theater and 2-channel applications.

SV-1212PR—The SV-1212PR is the result of the successful fusion of dual 12-inch reference aluminum cone subwoofers with an integrated, highly efficient 2,400 Watt RMS power amplifier. The SV-1212PR boasts overwhelmingly deep and stalwart bass with clarity not typically found in subwoofers capable of such high output levels. The SV-1212PR is the flagship subwoofer of the Signature SV Series and is the most powerful and highest performance subwoofer that RBH manufactures.

SV-12NR—The reference version of the SV-12N, the SV-12NR employs a long-throw 12-inch reference aluminum cone subwoofer for all-out performance. Adding powerful, reference-grade deep bass to any audio system or home theater is easy with the SV-12NR. For those seeking to add plentiful bass to an audio or home theater system without a built-in amplifier, the SV-12NR is the answer.

SV-12PR—The reference version of the SV-12P, the SV-12PR employs a long-throw 12-inch reference aluminum cone subwoofer and a 500 Watt integrated amplifier built for all-out performance. The glossy cabinet is not only beautiful, it also provides the optimum environment for the subwoofer driver, allowing the SV-12PR to output plenty of clear, powerful, deep bass to any audio or home theater system.