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RBH Sound Signature Series in-wall speakers are designed and engineered to provide conventional, freestanding speaker performance while inconspicuously installed into the wall or behind a perforated screen. Featuring our proprietary, ultra-rigid aluminum cone woofers and high-resolution silk dome tweeters, the Signature Series offers unsurpassed acoustic detail and accuracy. Since the Signature Series In-wall speakers utilize the same high performance components found in our award-winning Signature Series conventional floor-standing speakers, models can be mixed and matched as needed to create a truly customized, world-class audio or home theater system.

All RBH Sound Signature In-wall speakers feature a rigid MDF (medium density fiberboard) enclosure that is installed separately from the baffle and grille, during new construction or renovation. Baffles are installed after drywall is finished, or before a perforated screen is installed. To better coordinate with many décors, the Signature Series In-wall grilles are available in either black or white.

The SI-740, SI-744, SI-760,  SI-6100 and SI-10 models are designed to fit into standard 2x4 (16-inch on center) stud-framed walls, while the SI-1010 and SI-12 models are for in-floor or in-ceiling installation. The SI-770 is specially designed to be fit into custom-built entertainment centers. The SI-10, SI-12 and SI-1010 models are available with separate component-style subwoofer amplifier (SI-10P/SI-12P/SI-1010P).

RBH Sound’s Signature In-wall speakers are for the audio connoisseur who demands purity of sound built into their home which, until now, has only been available in high-end freestanding loudspeakers.

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