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Welcome to the Media Relations webpage for RBH Sound. This particular portion of the website is designed specifically for communication with members of the press and other professional organizations. In the press room you will find informative press releases, product photos and RBH Sound press contact information.

  RBH Sound press releases have been provided in Microsoft Word (.doc) and Adobe Acrobat PDF format. If you don't have Adobe Acrobat, try Adobe’s Acrobat PDF Reader download for FREE.

Daren Egan
Director of Marketing and Sales
Office: (801) 543-2200 x103
Cell: (801) 698-2106
e-mail: egandb@rbhsound.com

SEPTEMBER 14, 2006
RBH Sound's 30th Anniversary Loudspeaker to Debut at Cedia Expo .PDF
Images: T-30LSE (300dpi), (72dpi)

SEPTEMBER 14, 2006
RBH Sound Introduces Two New Additions To Its Popular M Series .PDF .DOC
Images: FM-45 (300dpi), (72dpi), WM-30 (300dpi), (72dpi)

SEPTEMBER 14, 2006
RBH Sound Introduces New TK Series Freestanding Models .PDF .DOC
Images: TK-5C (300dpi), (72dpi), TK-515C (300dpi), (72dpi), TK-5CT (300dpi), (72dpi)

SEPTEMBER 14, 2006
RBH Sound Introduces New Multi-room Electronics .PDF .DOC
Images: VLC-50/VLC-100 (300dpi), (72dpi), VLC-50S/VLC-100S (300dpi), (72dpi),
VLC-100W (300dpi), (72dpi), SS6-50/SS6-200 (300dpi), (72dpi)

JANUARY 5, 2006
RBH Sound Introduces The SI-6000 In-wall Loudspeaker .PDF

JANUARY 5, 2006
RBH Sound Introduces The A-414 In-wall Center Channel Speaker .PDF

JANUARY 5, 2006
RBH Sound's MC Series Welcomes MC-884 In-wall Speaker .PDF

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