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R8—Move over Cecil B DeMille I’ve got a talking rock in stereo! (Can your bush do that?) Built to withstand a plague of elements, the R8 rock speakers provide single point stereo from one rock. The R8 is available in granite or sandstone finishes simulating the look and feel of natural stone. Built with the quality and fidelity RBH is known for. Rock on!

AO-520—Listen to your favorite music on your patio, deck, lanai or anywhere regular speakers just won’t do. The AO-520 combines high performance audio quality with the weather resistance outdoor speakers need. Available in both black and white finishes, the AO-520’s 5¼-inch polygraphite woofer and 1-inch mylar tweeter stylishly belt out the tunes from a discrete position. The AO-520s can be easily tucked under eaves or in the corner to provide big sound. If you’re seeking great outdoor performance from a stylish small speaker, the AO-520 is the best solution.

AO-620—The AO-620 is the perfect speaker to complement to your outdoor activities. Whether you’re enjoying a backyard picnic, get-together or even listening to the game, the AO-620 provides stellar audio fidelity given its slender size. A must-have for those who value their outdoor lifestyle, the AO-620 is an investment you’ll never regret. The AO-620 can easily be installed in corners or under eaves and is available in white or black to coordinate with virtually any house décor.