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VA-615—The VA-615 brings together the proven sound quality and value of its sibling, the A-615, and the new, modern Visage design. Featuring a 6½-inch polygraphite woofer, a 1-inch silk dome swivel tweeter, and dual sound contour switches, the VA-615 in-ceiling speaker is sure to provide fantastic full-range performance in any room.

VA-615DS—The VA-615DS multi-purpose in-ceiling speaker combines the great performance of the VA-615 with the convenience of a multi-channel design. As a whole-house audio speaker, the dual-channel VA-615DS provides both left and right channels from one speaker for smaller rooms, or for budget-conscious installations. For home theater, the VA-615DS can be utilized as a di-/bi-polar surround speaker, providing an enveloping surround experience from its discreet location. For installations where surround speaker locations are highly limited, a pair of VA-615DS’ can be positioned and configured to broadcast both the side- and rear-effects channels of a home theater system, allowing for a full 7.1 surround experience.

VF-615—An upgrade to the sound performance of the VA-615, the in-ceiling VF-615 utilizes a woven fiberglass woofer and an aluminum dome swivel tweeter to offer uncompressed, accurate full-range sound. In addition to its unobtrusive design, the VF-615 also incorporates dual sound contour switches to allow the speaker’s sound quality to be optimized for each installation. This speaker is meant to be heard, not seen.

VM-615—The acclaimed MC-615 with the inconspicuous Visage design, the VM-615 takes its accomplishments to the next level with its aluminum 6½-inch woofer and 1-inch aluminum dome swivel tweeter. These high-grade aluminum components allow for the most detailed, full-range sound. The VM-615, in true MC Series fashion, is voice matched to the other MC Series in-wall and freestanding models, making it the most flexible and popular model in the Visage Series. The VM-615 in-ceiling speaker is the ultimate performer, whether used as part of a home theater or whole-house audio system.

VA-815—The VA-815 is the perfect answer for in-ceiling applications requiring full-range performance while keeping budget in mind. The 8-inch poly graphite cone woofer combined with a 1-inch swivel tweeter provides clarity, accuracy and increased bass performance from its round, flush-trim mounting design.

VM-815—The VM-815 utilizes a larger woofer than the VM-615, allowing this speaker to provide extended low frequencies. The seamless integration between the 8-inch aluminum cone woofer and the 1-inch aluminum dome tweeter is flawless. The 1-inch tweeter also swivels to allow an even more accurate audio presentation.