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MC-615—For applications where in-ceiling mount and the ultimate in performance are a must, the MC-615 is the answer. This speaker features a 6½-inch aluminum cone woofer and a ¾-inch aluminum dome tweeter for impeccable performance. The MC-615 is a fantastic whole-house audio speaker and excels as a timbre-matched rear effects channel in an MC Series home theater system.

MC-815—The MC-815 utilizes a larger woofer than the MC-615, allowing this speaker to provide extended low frequencies. The seamless integration between the 8-inch aluminum cone woofer and the 1-inch aluminum dome tweeter is flawless. The 1-inch tweeter also swivels to allow an even more accurate audio presentation.

MC-615L—The MC-615L is designed specifically for use in home theaters. The 15-degree fixed offset woofer and pivoting tweeter allow the speaker to be pointed directly at the listening position for incredible in-ceiling home theater performance. The MC-615L also features tweeter and woofer output controls so the sound contour can be custom tailored for each installation. The MC-615L is the definitive choice for in-ceiling home theater.

MC-815L—Designed especially for home theaters, the MC-815L delivers extended bass performance and extremely accurate high frequencies. The 15-degree fixed offset provides better imaging than typical in-ceiling speakers. Like all MC Series in-ceiling speakers, the MC-815L features tweeter and woofer output controls, allowing the MC-815L’s sound to be customized for each installation. When extended bass and overall high performance in-ceiling home theater is essential, the MC-815L is the answer.