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A-600—The A-600 in-ceiling speaker features a 6½-inch polypropylene cone woofer optimized for perfect sound dispersion and a silk dome tweeter free of distortion or edginess at even very high frequencies. The A-600 combines excellent performance and compact dimensions for the perfect solution to any price sensitive audio installation, delivering mind-bending depth and clarity.

A-605/70—The A-605/70 is the budget-minded answer for both residential and commercial in-ceiling speaker applications. The A-605/70 employs a polygraphite woofer cone and a soft dome tweeter for great sound on a budget. Other amenities include a UL listed integral rear enclosure and a built-in multi-tap transformer, enabling the A-605/70 to be used with either 8 Ohm or 70/100 Volt audio systems. The A-605/70 provides full-range performance while exceeding building code compliance.

A-607—The A-607 in-ceiling speaker represents the perfect blend of performance and cost. Featuring a PolyGraphite 6½-inch woofer and a pivoting 1-inch silk dome tweeter, the A-607 is the perfect complement to budget-conscious multi-room and whole-house audio systems where the high quality sound of RBH is needed.

A-615—The A-615 in-ceiling speaker features a poly graphite 6½-inch woofer and a swiveling 1-inch silk dome tweeter and is versatile enough for nearly any room needing high quality sound. Dual sound contour switches allow the woofer and tweeter output levels to be customized for any room. The A-615 delivers excellent, full-range performance from its low-visibility circular profile.

A-615DS—The A-615DS multi-purpose in-ceiling speaker combines the great performance of the A-615 with the convenience of a multi-channel design. As a whole-house audio speaker, the dual-channel A-615DS provides both left and right channels from one speaker for smaller rooms, or for budget-conscious installations. For home theater, the A-615DS can be utilized as a di-/bi-polar surround speaker, providing an enveloping surround experience from its discreet location. For installations where surround speaker locations are highly limited, a pair of A-615DS’ can be positioned and configured to broadcast both the side- and rear-effects channels of a home theater system, allowing for a full 7.1 surround experience.

A-615L—The A-615L is a fantastic speaker for in-ceiling home theater systems. The 15-degree fixed offset 6½-inch woofer and 1-inch pivoting tweeter allow this speaker to be pointed directly at the listening position for excellent imaging and in-ceiling home theater performance. The A-615L also features tweeter and woofer output controls so the sound contour can be custom tailored for each installation. For superior in-ceiling home theater, the A-615L is top choice.

A-815—The A-815 is the perfect answer for in-ceiling applications requiring full-range performance while keeping budget in mind. The 8-inch poly graphite cone woofer combined with a 1-inch swivel tweeter provides clarity, accuracy and increased bass performance from its round, flush-trim mounting design.

A-815L—The A-815L delivers great bass performance and well-defined high frequencies and is designed particularly for in-ceiling home theaters. The 8-inch poly graphite cone woofer and 1-inch silk dome tweeter mounted on a 15-degree fixed offset provides better imaging than typical in-ceiling speakers. The A-815L features tweeter and woofer output controls which allow the A-815L’s sound to be customized for each installation.