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RBH brand speakers have been winning awards and, more importantly, winning the hearts of audio enthusiasts for many years. Our EP1 Noise Isolating Earphones deliver the high fidelity our company is known for to your iPhone©, iPod©, MP3 player, smart phone or other personal audio player. Regular earbuds, like the ones that come with your player, just can't match the EP1’s performance or noise isolation capabilities.

The EP1 earphones deliver a wide sound stage free from outside noise and interruptions. Aluminum housings, premium materials, strict tolerances, gold connector jack and a cloth woven cord for comfort and less tangle are some of the features of the EP1. The RBH reputation for quality is evident in the construction, attention to detail and clear sound. These durable and stylish earphones come with a protective carrying pouch, a cord clip, Comply™ Foam Tips, and large, medium and small silicone ear cushions for a comfortable and personalized fit.

Looking for earphones with a built-in microphone and smartphone function control features? Check out our EP2 Noise Isolating Earphones.

Replacement Silicone Ear Cushions
Replacement Comply™ Foam Tips
Carry Pouch
Cord Clip

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Regularly Priced at $149.00/pair
(Includes 1 pair of EP1 earphones, 1 set of Comply™ isolation tips (black T-400 medium - attached to earphones), 1 set of Comply™ isolation tips (black T-400 large), 1 set of silicone ear cushions in small, medium and large, cord clip, carry pouch, and owner’s manual) and FREE SHIPPING!!*
* Within the continental United States

  Check out what is being said about the EP1!
"It was like listening to my favorite songs for the very first time again!!" "So so happy with them!!" "I simply can't get enough of them!!" -- Wayne      "…RBH provides quality look and sound with the EP1s. What more do you need in mobile audio?…"--Roberick Scott, TechGuySmartBuy.com      "…the EP1’s are about the best set I’ve ever listened to…" -- Gene DellaSala, Audioholics      "…I’m stoked enough about the EP1 to say I haven’t found a dynamic IEM I like better." --Brent Butterworth, Sound & Vision Magazine      "These are compact, but boast plenty of bass and an extended frequency response." --Rachel Cericola, Electronic House      "I have never heard such amazing bass out of a pair of earphones!" --Frank Reando      "Best head phones ever! --Rylan Russell      "It’s strange to hear so much depth sometimes, because we rarely hear bass that deep in home audio speakers without a great subwoofer."--Clint the Audio Guy     

Additional product information.
Model Name:  ...  EP1
Drive Size:  ...  13mm Dynamic Dome
Impedance:  ...  16 Ohms
Frequency Range:  ...  14Hz~18KHz
Sensitivity:  ...  101dB
Noise Isolation:  ...  16dB w/Comply™ Foam Tips
Input Connection:  ...  3.5mm mini-jack
Cable Length:  ...  1.2m
Color:  ...  Black/Pewter
Warranty:  ...  90 Days (excluding Comply Tips*)

*Comply™ tips are not a RBH Sound product therefore they are not covered by warranty through RBH Sound. Check with Comply™ for warranty information.
If you would like to submit a comment about this product or customer service and have it posted, please send your comments to: info@rbhsound.com.

Customer Comments:
"For the money, you will not find better sounding, better crafted earphones than the EP line from RBH. In fact, you will not find earphones of this quality for twice the money and then some. The high level of customer care alone is testimony to what you can expect from this company. RBH has it covered across the board. I now have a new go-to gift that will not fail to please and to impress. – Phil B."

"Received the replacement EP1 headphones today for my wife. Just wanted to thank you again for the amazing service and response time. I've got a pair of the EP2s myself and love them. You guys make amazing products and stand behind them. You've got yourself a big ambassador here in Canada. – Dinaro"

"It was a pleasure listening to and learning about your products at the RMAF. I listened to the EP-1s on the flight home from Denver and they are simply fabulous in both comfort and sound. I did a little compare and contrast between them and the Shure e2cs I have owned for awhile but there was nothing to compare. The EP-1s outperformed the Shure ear phones in every category at 30% of the price. More bass, better midrange and soundstage and clear accurate highs. Thanks again for making and marketing such a fine product. Have a great day. – Marc"

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Click on any of the below links to open and save downloadable literature.
» EP1 Owner's Manual
» Technical Specification Sheet
» Silicone Tip Installation Video

EP1 Earphones

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Package (Inside)

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With Silicone Cushions

With Foam Cushions

With Foam Cushions

With Foam Cushions

With Foam Cushions