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BT-100—The BT-100 amplifier is a new, innovative device that fully overturns the traditional way of listening to music. Delivering true audiophile-grade fidelity, the BT-100 features state-of-the-art Bluetooth® technology, allows wireless connections from a distance of up to 100-feet. Analog and digital inputs give the BT-100 the ability to adapt to today’s media sources, putting a completely modern, wireless spin on an old icon. With its Bluetooth® capability, the BT-100 provides the convenience of wireless streaming the highest quality audio from any Bluetooth-enabled smartphone, tablet or PC. The BT-100 even supports the latest Chromecast® Audio WiFi streaming device.

SA-250DSP—Packed with the same features the SA-500DSP is designed for subwoofers and tower speakers in smaller audio and home theater systems. Delivering 250 Watts of continuous power, the SA-250DSP features and connectivity make it a must-have for any audio or home theater system.

SA-500DSP—The SA-500DSP Subwoofer Amplifier is RBH»s highest performance amplifier. The SA-500DSP is the amplifier of choice for powering subwoofer sections of the Signature Series speakers freestanding and in-floor subwoofers. Capable of providing 500 Watts of continuous power, the SA-500DSP makes easy work of adding strong, powerful bass to any audio or home theater system.